Liceo de Zamboanga recognize that you have the first and most significant influence on your child’s learning and that your continued participation in their education is important if they are to achieve the best possible learning outcomes. 

It is well known that students with interested and involved parents do better at school. While you may be involved in your child’s learning at home, you can also contribute by participating in the parent club, or getting involved in less formal LDZ activities.

Concerns about your child’s education will probably change as your child moves through each stage of schooling.
Parents of primary school children are often concerned about how their child fits in socially and how secure and content they feel at school. You might be concerned about your child’s academic progress and how it compares to other students of the same age.

Parents of secondary school children often worry about how their child will adapt socially and academically at their new school. You will want to know that your child is challenged and stimulated in the classroom, that they are happy and safe and that their talents continue to be recognized and developed.

In your child’s senior years you will probably be focused on your child’s future. To raise a concern about your child’s education, make a time to meet with your child’s teacher or principal or give them a call. LDZ is the best position to resolve the matter.

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