This institution does not discriminate or permit discrimination by any member of its community against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, parental status, marital status, age, disability, citizenship, or veteran status in matters of admissions, employment, or services or in the educational programs or activities it operates.


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Trisha Faye Concrete Products
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MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
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Southern Mindanao Colleges
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University of Cebu
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School Goals

On March 30, 2011, the LDZ Board of Trustees and President Amando Respicio Boncales formally adopted goals the school goal. Six areas of focus were identified including strategic planning; student success; diversity and global engagement; scholarship, research and creative activity; partnership and public engagement; and resources, infrastructure and culture.

Goal 1: Strategic Direction for Liceo de Zamboanga

Liceo de Zamboanga (LDZ) strive to became a catalyst school in the region and to the globalizing world, with an uncompromising commitment to providing a preeminent student-centered learning experience to its students and to actively participating in the global community we are privileged to serve.
Engage the Executive Council and the major functional constituency committees/groups in assessing the strategic focus and direction of the university.
Assure the review and where necessary the revision of campus mission and core values statements for continued relevance and responsiveness to the school vision statement.
Revise and update the LDZ strategic plan, to include the implementation of school planning goals and objectives.
Develop university-wide metrics/measures to assess progress towards achieving goals and objectives, including a process to incorporate every academic, administrative and support unit in the planning and assessment process.

Goal 2: Student Success

The success of our students is dependent upon creating an environment that raises expectations of students, faculty and staff, both inside and outside of the classroom. We must provide superior learning experiences for students, built on strong academic programs and strong co-curricular activities that prepare our students for meaningful careers and professions, lifelong learning and civic responsibility within our global society.
Recruit, retain and graduate academically-qualified students.
Promote the persistence to degree completion and professional and career development among undergraduate, graduate and professional school students.
Provide students with co-curricular experiences that foster leadership, character development and academic success inside and outside the classroom.
Recruit and retain high-quality faculty and staff who will provide outstanding service to all students.
Identify and enhance the quality of academic programs, particularly in the areas of focus, strength and in emerging areas of interest.

Goal 3: Diversity and Global

Foster equitable access and prepare students for productive lives within today’s multi-cultural society and international global community by providing them opportunities to be exposed to and to cultivate an appreciation for perspectives, customs and beliefs different from their own.
Enhance policies and practices that provide for the recruitment of and financial and academic access to diverse groups of people.
Enhance interactions, communications and shared cultural experiences among school stakeholders to create a climate that fosters collaboration and trust.
Enhance student, faculty and staff involvement in initiatives related to global perspectives, experiences and understanding in and outside the classroom.

Goal 4: Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity

Create and disseminate knowledge through theoretical and applied research, creative activities and artistic expression and interdisciplinary collaboration that will contribute to the intellectual, economic, cultural, and social well-being of our state, region and global communities.
Develop and enhance the financial and human resources to advance research and creative endeavors, particularly in existing and emerging areas of focus and strength.
Recruit and retain highly-qualified faculty and staff in existing and emerging areas of focus and strength.
Recruit and retain highly qualified graduate students in existing and emerging areas of focus and strength.

Goal 5: Partnership and Public Engagement

Establish, enhance, strengthen and nurture partnerships that provide direct interaction, leadership and resources for the intellectual and economic development of the communities we are privileged to serve and other external constituencies.
Provide initiatives for and encouragement of entrepreneurship to support LDZ and community needs.
Encourage, foster and nurture interdisciplinary collaboration to advance scholarship.
Establish, enhance and foster reciprocal relationships with surrounding communities to address mutual needs.

Goal 6: Resources, Infrastructure and Culture

Provide the appropriate financial, human and physical resources to achieve the mission of LDZ. The school personnel and physical infrastructure should be enhanced to move it towards national prominence. The resources and infrastructure must be built upon a solid foundation of core values that serve as the moral compass for governance and decision-making.
Define and uphold standards of academic and professional responsibility and model respect and civility.
Promote shared governance and informed participatory decision-making to enhance organizational effectiveness
Prioritize and strategically allocate new and existing resources in support of the university’s mission and vision.
Enhance and increase school fund-raising, development and alumni activities.
Enhance and integrate marketing, communications, advertising and advancement efforts to inform major constituent groups about school programs, success and to enhance the university’s image and reputation.
Enhance the campus infrastructure, technology, safety and appearance to support student learning, faculty scholarship and administrative functions.

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